Alabama rolls toward a high-stakes skirmish

Alabama Senate Moore

“Assuming that the Republican governor does not shred state law by preventing the election...

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The Trump administration and the decline of conservative values

Trump Sexual Harassment

“Some religious leaders are willing to call good evil, and evil good in service to a different faith — a faith defined by their political identity. This is heresy at best; idolatry at worst,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Kansas tried tax cuts for the wealthy. It didn't end well

Congress Taxes Ryan

Just as in Kansas, Republicans argue that both the House and Senate bills are guaranteed to boost wages, create jobs and goose the economy. Senators, please don’t make us say we told you so.

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Dealing with North Ogden's deer — an S-E reader conversation

North Ogden deer

Some people believe North Ogden has a people problem — not a deer problem.

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Did Mitch McConnell just say what I think he said?

Alabama Senate Moore-2

“Rather than try to ensure that Republicans keep the seat, he opted to do the right thing. It's a shame we have to be surprised when this happens, but rare is the politician who is also a statesman,” writes Kathleen Parker.

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Richard Cordray's CFPB has done its job well

Consumer Agency-Cordray Resignation

The president could now appease the CFPB's critics by appointing a more compliant director. That would be a shame.


Man grateful for ride home on a rainy day

BZ 041416 Rain 01

I was walking home from Winco in Roy. I was maybe halfway home, heading east on 6000 South. It was raining pretty hard. I stopped for a minute to take a drink from my water bottle. A guy in a truck rolled down his window and asked if I needed a ride home. I accepted his offer and directed him...


Anyone who disrespects the flag should be charged with treason

Dolphins Panthers Football

I am a senior citizen over 85 years old.  I am not a Democrat or Republican. I think President Franklin Roosevelt did as much for the U.S. as Lincoln did for the slaves.  I am a military man who served five years on two destroyers. In March 1951 I was on a train headed for Korea. We went...

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Should President Trump be able to start a nuclear war?

China North Korea-1

“Should Kim Jong Un go over the line in his insults and threats, our president might have a tantrum and decide to nuke North Korea. And there is no reason to believe anyone would stop him,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Fireworks bill improves Utah safety and air quality, but we can still do better

BZ 072414 HOUSE FIRE 01

Cutting fireworks by six days in July is a step in the right direction. But local governments need the ability to ban fireworks.

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Racism against Asians should not be tolerated

World Series Dodgers Astros Baseball

Too many athletes and stars get a pass when they demean Asians, writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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